Sunday, 30 October 2016

Mother-in-law's tongue

I have just been accused of stealing a mother-in-laws tongue, by my mother. Now I don't know why I would do that seeing as they are the most ugly plants ever but mum has got into her head that since its not there anymore I must have moved it or done something with it.

It is no good pleading innocent as she's already made up her mind I am guilty.
My mind is going into overdrive thinking of all the things I can say back to my mother about HER tongue but then again maybe its not a good idea. Perhaps if by magic the mother-in-law tongue does come back, her tongue would stop lashing out at me all the time because the plant will be there by proxy, absorbing all the noxious gases from the computer. (Mum claims these plants are good for computers). Well I don't know, my macbook has never really suggested it needed a plant. But it had been acting up on me lately, crashing my emails and thus I am not able to upload any photos of Mincher.

I don't have plants in my office/study although I do have fake gerberas in a vase. I also have enough sweet peas to fill a vase now and they are decorating the dining table. There's a maidenhair fern in the bathroom, and several of Beth's indoor pot plants I am looking after - a bird's nest fern,  a plant called 'mother of millions', maidenhair, and kalanchoes. In my bedroom I have a rose and some daisies. Probably not the most inspiring floral arrangement but then I have to practise some more for the church flower blitz in December.  I cannot compete with the flowers Else buys from Drury or Pukekohe but surely the church members might like some potted cyclamen?

Aunty Ellen gave us some of her orchids which I have gathered into the hanging basket, removing the paper daisies which are now being attacked by mites. Another casualty is also catmint and sage chickens again dug it up, (unless it was the naughty neighbourhood cat) but I suspect chickens.  I have managed to find two good red sturdy plastic chairs for our outdoor table as the two wooden ones are collapsing, AND my outdoor umbrella broke, one of the spokes just plain snapped, so I've decided not to buy another one and just move the table under the tangelo tree for shade instead. I am looking for red checked table cloths that are wipe clean if anyone has them, and they are going to be anchored by mosaic solar lights to create a sort of french garden cafe atmosphere en plein air.

Yesterday in our working bee I mulched the eggplants with lavender and borage, so hopefully the snails won't get to them anymore. Things are growing at hectic pace and the garden centres are chock full of summer veges to put in. I managed to find a blue granny's bonnet or aquilegia that I so admired at Mincher to be part of my flower garden, and nearly got locked in at Kings Plant Barn when I lost my key. Thankfully someone had handed it in but for a moment I thought I would have to walk all the way home to get the spare one to unlock my car, or spend the night at the garden centre waiting for the AA to come. I suppose there are worse things than being stranded at Kings Plant Barn. They will have to make up a little corner for me there and name it 'Selina's bed' or something.