Thursday, 28 July 2016

Wild Weather

A storm is brewing.
I heard thunder and we may likely to have torrential rain, wind, and whatever else Mother Nature or is it Father God can throw at us.

Cleopatra magnolia has blossomed and already the gorgeous purple tulip like flowers are starting to fruit, or rather, cone, as the wind continues to lash the petals.

Beth kindly donated more fruit salad cuttings so now I have three plants, which is just as well, because the first one got damaged by frost. I have moved it to the other side of the house under the bathroom window. I am also looking after her pet geraniums. They are in pots.

Is it pot geraniums or pet? Because they are kind of like pets. Plant pets in pots.

Well I can't do anymore gardening today...

I have been looking at my gardening books and considering what to do with my wretched border that has been invaded by creeping buttercups. Slash and burn? People say boiling hot water works, as well as vinegar and lime. It might be that I will have to put sand and rocks there and plant on top of the rocks as buttercups only go where its badly drained.  Or if I just plant a shrub or tree to shade the area, the buttercups will not grow where its too shady. They like moist soil and to be in the sun.

Here comes the rain. I will sign off for now as its miserable weather. But at least the plants will get a boost of nitrogen with the lightening.

I am going to read the rest of this months' NZ Gardener magazine which I won as a prize when I entered the draw. They also sent me a packet of poppy seeds so next April I will try again.