Sunday, 10 July 2016

My house, my castle

The next episode is about a couple who inherits a hundreds of years old castle, who want to restore the grounds and pond, and hold wedding festivities there.
The husband gets stuck in the mud with his digger, while the wife raises money by blagging. Or is that blegging? Blogging and begging. The garden centres actually have pity on their predicament and sponsor her free plants, while the construction companies offer the hire of their diggers free for a month. It must be their charm, or aristocratic patronage. Or maybe it's, if they don't do it, nobody will - the castle and grounds will just fall to ruins and become overgrown.

The drama in this one isn't lack of funds..its when a drainpipe collapses so their pond gets only half full. However it is soon remedied and in Summer everything is glorious again.

Wow, to inherit a castle and restore it so you can invite everyone over for parties. Sounds like a lifestyle to me...
I don't have such aspirations as my home and castle are only built since the 70s so its pretty low maintainence, but mum and dad did chop down one of the maples yesterday as it was growing too close to the feijoa. Given a choice of fruit or pretty leaves, we chose the fruit. And, I actually do have hammocks after all, I installed two nets under the trees now that the growth is cleared, to catch the fruit when it falls so we don't have to crawl on our hands and knees. I want to congratulate myself for my most brilliant idea.

We don't have ponds, our water features are restricted to two birdbaths and our waterfall is really only what comes off the garage roof when it rains.
Also our rolling lawn isn't dead flat so we can't have weddings or play bowls or croquet on it, BUT it has hosted some barbecues. Yesterday one of the ladies at church suggested we have a round of shared luncheons at each other's houses, during winter. I cannot offer my home because, well, mum might have a  fit if suddenly all these church people descend on Sunday she is most reluctant to hear the gospel considering it an affront to her god (herself). This would cause embarrassment and possibly retaliation on her part so it's better I just go along to other people's houses.

Yet, isn't it weird that she got married in church? Most people, now shun church and decide that its better to spend a lot of money having the wedding ceremony at a fancy vineyard estate.  Possibly so that nobody ever runs out of wine, as that's where Jesus performed his first miracle. I don't recall he ever charged for this, and I don't think he ever did it again, but I recall he was kinda embarrassed when his mother told him to do it.