Friday, 3 June 2016


I can't believe it's June frost yet but its fairly chilly.
My Woodside Gardening Gang are going on a field trip this Sunday to Eden Gardens in Mt Eden. I have been there a few years ago so it would be interesting to see it again in it's autumn glory.

I have pruned one of my feijoas, taking off the lower branches after it fruited as it was a hassle crawling down to pick up the fruit with all the growth! So now it looks more like a tree instead of a shrub.

Beth gave me more plants including a marvelous maidenhair, must take a photo to show you. I have a few more jobs to do at the moment, I'd like sweet peas climbing over my arch this time after my morning glories have died off - or could they all grow together?  And I now have some tulip bulbs to put in spare pots. I also have snowflake bulbs to plant, and have just buried a whole lot of dutch iris under leaves and feijoa prunings. Unfortunately, my bargain $1 kale, silverbeet, spinach, caulis and broccolis which I planted got decimated by the chickens again. Grr. I do have spare chicken wire and netting but it looks so ugly in my formal box beds. I've planted violas there too but no flowers. It's really a random bed that I throw anything in hoping it will grow and survive. Kumara seems to be doing well as it's got tenacious roots.

More snowflakes are going under the olive tree. And I'm planting basalm behind the renga renga lillies. Generally tidying up. I better go as its good weather for gardening. Tulips are now in a pot.