Sunday, 5 June 2016

East of Eden

Our garden ramble was enjoyable seeing the autumn colour and to be amongst the tuis and other birds at Eden Garden. Its a very woodland garden set in an old quarry. I love the bromeliad display although Jacqui was disappointed they weren't edible. However they had a cafe there and they do very tasty kumara chips!

My garden has had more tidyup and musical plants, the echium is now in the sunny rock garden as it was being crowded underneath the Chinese Lantern, although looking a bit wilted due to transplant shock I hope it revives. I also shifted an aloe next to it and placed my chinese stool which is now doubling as a bird bath or bird beach because it has a tray with shells on top.

I have rescued the old recycling bin after we harvested the melon that was growing over the neighbors fence which mum made into melon soup.

I have some ideas for further beautification and that is to put more lillies in the corner bed, and more blue coloured succulents to edge the sunny rock garden as I have made it a glaucous theme.  Glacous is the blue-green colour of plants that just looks fantastic in the sun. Also more cuttings  of the Chinese lantern to spread around the border. I checked one cutting and its seems it has taken, so I am pleased about that.

Begonias are now amongst the strawberries in a pot and spider plants are now in the ground. Last night we had a near frost but thankfully nothing looks too affected yet. My uncle just bought a huge load of pebbles for $20 off trademe as he is doing his front yard so I may be able to snag some pebbles off him. He also complimented me on all the work done on my garden so I'm glad someone noticed!

I haven't been reading many gardening books lately as still have a big list and been quite busy with other things but its on my things to do when I can't go outside.

Next on my bucket list of gardens to visit is Mincher, up near Albany/Coatsville. I have heard there's a book called 1001 Gardens to Visit Before You Die. I don't know why they just don't publish one called 1001 Cemeteries You Can Visit While You Are Still Alive.