Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Fall

Autumn leaves have started to fall, providing mulch for the garden beds. Last Saturday we planted rocket, mizuna, caulis, broccoli and cabbage seedlings at the community garden, and harvested beetroot.

Today JoAnne and I replanted the church hanging baskets with pansies and violas, and also the garden bed, which received a 'Joyful Bliss' Lavender. I thought that might be appropriate for a church entrance.

I found a May issue of NZ Gardener at the Sallies for 20 cents. I sometimes fossick in there for gardening books although I have plenty to keep me going at the moment. The weather hasn't chilled noticeably yet but we have had some foggy mornings. Last years frost came around 26 May so there's still a bit of time, although I've heard the South Island is having a rough time of it weather-wise. Down there they batten down hatches for winter and use frost cloths and green houses. I'm glad I got my mini greenhouse  as I have been using it to grow my seedlings, but was chagrinned to find at the Warehouse some in stock were now half price! So if you want to snap up a 4 tier mini greenhouse for $30 do it now.

To satisfy my curiousity, I picked up a book called 'Portrait of a Marriage' about Vita-Sackville West and Harold Nicholson. It was a memoir of their marriage compiled by their son, Nigel. For those in the dark, this couple were the ones behind the famous Sissinghurst Castle garden in Kent, England. What I hadn't expected was a big drama and scandal, or how, reading all this about their marriage, on earth it survived.

My theory is that redemption is found in the garden. They loved their plants so much that they gave up their gay lovers and found common ground gardening. Or maybe it was because only they knew where the bones are buried...