Thursday, 19 May 2016

Darling buds of May

It seems Cleopatra magnolia is budding again. Is this normal? Her leaves have fallen and she's looking bare.

I planted kale seedlings yesterday as they were 99 cents at the Warehouse (but they didn't give me 1 cents change). I haven't grown them before in my garden so will see if they flourish. Mum likes the leaves.

I have a second mini greenhouse that I put up the other day which is now on the terrace. But other than that I have not done much more gardening. Mum bottled the feijoas and I'll prune them later, she also cut down the mugwort that flowered, right down to the ground. I wonder if I cut back the daisies right to the ground, whether they will sprout again?

I am quite satisfied with my garden at the moment before everything gets frosted over. Two melons have been growing on the neighbours shed roof as they climbed over the fence. How we are going to harvest them without looking like thieves I don't know.

I was thinking about joining the RNZHS but when I asked them 'do you meet up regularly in Auckland and what do you do in meetings?' all they sent me was a invoice! I'm not joining them for $40 when I haven't even met them or received anything from them! The cheek.

So I said 'I'm not paying this, you haven't answered my question'. And they haven't replied. Well nevermind. I did join get growing because at least I receive a newsletter every Friday on email packed with gardening tips and advice. Plus I won a preserving booklet from them the other day, and they have regular competitions, and it was only $10.

So these are my top crops and my flop crops aka what's hot and whats not in gardening world.

Woodside Community Garden. You gals and guys are great!!!
Get Growing Newsletter - you can even subscribe to this for free
The Warehouse - everyone gets a bargain
Op shops and retired gardeners, thanks for the books.
Gardens 4 Health - preach it!!

Palmers Planet. Sorry, too far away and expensive
RNZHS for a horticultural society, I don't really see much evidence of horticulturalling
Kings Plant Barn - I haven't seen you practically all month, but am dismayed you don't have decent tool selection, arches, and put your prices up.
SIT Landscape Design Course. What landscape design course. I still had to pay them and do work for them even when they said there were zero fees. And they didn't teach me anything.
Celebrities who are too busy to chat with non celebrities. Sorry Te Radar, no peaches, you didn't show up so I didn't bother emailing you about feijoas this time.