Monday, 7 January 2019

Pick your own garden

My sister is over and she's been strawberry picking, blueberry picking, and lavender picking. I've been potato picking, garlic picking and chamomile picking. Well, the first two some other gardeners had harvested, but am still picking!

What else is good - gardenias are blooming, fennel is attracting bees, my eggplants are swelling up, as are my capsicums, and tomatoes. Summer is here!

We had our seems like nobody has EVER been on a picnic in the park, let alone an actual picnic before. I thought you would bring food to a picnic, but, apparently this does not apply to men. They just bring themselves, and then say, we don't want any food. Also Mr Whippy tells me, he can't stay, he has to make money. I decide am not going to invite Mr Whippy back again if that's his attitude, plus his ice creams are way too sugary. Thankfully I met some other neighbours but they say we only renting. I must be the only one that doesn't rent in this neighbourhood who actually calls it home. Everyone else seems to be just visiting. Even my own dad doesn't go to this park which is forlorn and neglected.

I don't know about you but my dad just left me to garden on my own, I moved a potting table to beside the garage where nobody can see it. Mum was in horror that I actually moved things around in the garden. She said move it back, by the fence but then dad said it was fine where it was, until I pointed out the leaky gutter, which has massive holes in it. Which nobody is going to fix, just like the ripped up curtains and torn chairs. (thanks Mummy Cat) So we moved it to under where there were no holes. I am going to get stick whatever I do, if Mum had her way the house wouldn't even be here and I'd be dead, but unfortunately I survived childhood to grow into an adult who doesn't always immediately obey her mother.  Its such a trial living with me I tell you.

Dad leaves me to garden on my own otherwise he would have to do it and he doesn't want to bend down and lift things.  Mum just gardens by proxy. Is telling people what to do, actually gardening? You try to look after it, but then someone else comes along and tells you not to.

What am I meant to do then, go work as a secretary? I would be so bored. Or teach. Its hard to teach older people new things because they think they know everything already. I can't think what else I'm going to do this year. Maybe nothing. Have a rest. I have friends who seem to never do any work and don't intend to. I don't know how they survive, maybe on the dole, but I've given up on the dole because, it seems that people even when they've got the dole, are always broke because they always going to spend it at the movies as they got nothing better to do. I'm not really good at anything, although someone told me the gardens miss me and my magic touch there are weeds growing there now. But actually my former boss said I did not weed everything thoroughly so, maybe this person was either lying to make me feel better, or they just did not get anyone to replace me, being the stingy company they are...? Because apparently anybody living there can garden, there are over 400 residents and only one of me, but most people just don't want to bother. As they have better things to do, like watch movies. Anyway!! Enough of that.

My next mission is to go and find sand and seaweed for the garden, but sh it's secret squirrel again but I think I will be safe as nobody owns the seaweed that washes up on the beach. Am glad my sister is getting out in other peoples gardens, I heard that she went to Katharine Mansfield's garden in Hamilton as well, maybe I will make a gardener of her yet. Its nice that other famous people have gardens even after they are dead, even when they actually were not even gardeners but writers, but, I don't think I will, as I won't be here to garden it.