Friday, 4 January 2019

Neighbours Picnic Day

I thought I would announce this for Sunday 6 January from 12:30 in the Riverpark Reserve by the playground  we are having a picnic...!

And so far the weather looks warm enough, although yesterday was extremely windy, but it seems to have blown over fingers crossed. And I have asked Mr Whippy can he do a loop of our street and come park near where we having our picnic, which is beside the soon to be upgraded playground (March) and fitness equipment, not far from....the flying fox.

Yes the flying fox! Hooray.

And two shade trees. Which may be...Titoki, but I've requested Bottlebrush (Kings Park cultivar) or maybe Puriri for the birds. There will also be some planting by the playground, which will apparently be some fluffy carexs. Well at least that's better than tumbleweeds!

Now this picnic just needs some people to come and enjoy.

I have list of things to bring.

Picnic basket
Grapes... or strawberries?
Chips and dips
Picnic rug
Frisbee..need to find one
Ball (found a stray tennis ball on the deck)
Hula Hoop
Giant Bubble Maker ($2 shop?)
Skipping Rope.
Book to read...
Teddy Bears

My family have decided to AWOL on me so, I don't know if I can carry all these things myself or whether to just load the car and drive two minutes into Bittern Place. There is parking, well it's a park after all.

But if you in the neighbourhood, esp if you are a Riverpark Resident, please come join us, or Kevin and his family will just be picnicking by ourselves. Like Mr Bean.  And we don't want to disappoint Mr Whippy otherwise he won't come round our street anymore. It's just off Universal Drive the second no exit street down, and you can walk from Universal Drive, Bittern Place, Woodside Road or the back way from Riverpark Crescent. See you there!