Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Batteries now included

At work e-gardening is heralded as the way of the future...gardening at the touch of a button. Of course, why didn't we think of it before? Well, it was because trimming a hedge using a very long extension cord doesn't really work.

I am quite excited about this development especially with the push mowers that you still need to push...but it's all electric. And very quiet, and no fumes! Just charge up and go. And the weedeaters that can whip weeds both ways. Genius! Also those noisy leafblowers - no more. They will be more like hairdryers and hum silently while hoovering or blowing up dead leaves.

After our gardens are all wi-fi enabled what is there left to do but relax and let Mother Nature do the rest. Or we could then work on our water features. I have seen solar powered pumps that create fountains of water to splash and ripple and cascade creating rainbows for our plants. I would rip out all the plastic irrigation and leave that to the unenlightened industrial farmers. The soothing sound of running water, misty sprays and bubbing springs will bring life to the garden.

Time is marching on and it's now the end of August. Next weekend I hear there's a tulip festival at Eden Garden. Eden Garden boasts 13,000 tulip bulbs which I'm sure look spectacular. There's also APW design project presentations. Since I'm now alumni, I have an invite to go back and see what new permaculturalists are working on. I missed last weekends Orchid Show as was busy at the community garden, planting ajugas under fig trees. Church garden also got a weed and a new pop-up fridge library, so I can put my excess gardening books there.

My latest acquisitions in gardening tomes include - Remarkable Trees of the World, Gardens to visit in the upper North Island, Flower Arranging Country Crafts, Feng Shui in the Garden,  Growing Chinese Vegetables in your own backyard, The Chinese Kitchen Garden, Esther Dean's Gardening Book, The colourful New Zealand garden year-round, Deep-Rooted Widsom and not exactly a gardening tome but one that might help me in a quest to be more tidy - The Magic of Tidying Up.

This in addition to my ITO training of which I have one module signed off. Hooray I can now play with small machine gardening toys without harming anyone.