Thursday, 31 May 2018


Les didn't forget. In fact he was waiting for me for nearly an hour at the church because I must have told him 9am. But I thought I told him around 10. Or maybe he heard 9. I had to get the funcargo loaded with tools and buy plants and then ran into an old schoolmate at Kings Plant Barn, who told me our high school was having a 50th reunion. I tried not to be distracted then went to pick Les up at his place but nobody answered the door. I should have more faith, he took the bus to church. I'm still not sure whether he wants me to pick him up or if he can get there himself since his place is not on the way. But it was cold that morning and I didn't want to get stuck in rush hour traffic at 9.

After an admonishing and forgiveness we got stuck into the triangle garden, weeding and removing canna lily. Then we planted hollyhocks, statice, valerian and pink alyssum. We filled a big sack with cannas which I then took home and plonked in my garden, as Graham the elder had given the ok to remove them. Did you want them planted elsewhere at church? Nope! Get rid of them. So that took the rest of the afternoon.

I'm going back there again today plus picking up Les from home this time and he may have a cappucino for his trouble this time, as yesterday I had run out of money, had spent it all on plants so with my spare change we ended up sharing a sausage roll at the corner cafe.

We still have to fill that hollow and weed the shady bed and tidy up the other bed. And take photos, and sort out trees. I don't like the shady bed because it's got too many bushes in it right next to the church building and they are just too big. I've added clivias and busy lizzies and begonias but it certainly could do with more colour than dreary castor oil plants and camellias, griselinia and cocrosmias and pseuudopanax that's already there, before it was weeded nightshade and oxalis grew all over. I want to take them all out and start again, but it's a permanent fixture, plus covered with scoria and indestructible tarpaulin weedmat (the weeds just grow right on top).

On my list of items to buy -

heart shaped pot for entry bed
pea straw mulch to stop weeds in new flowerbed
something colourful for the pot
trees - although haven't staked out where to plant yet.

However, I must get dressed, have breakfast and get going otherwise my forgiveness quota may run out. At least Les is forgiving not like my boss if I am minutes late gives me the third degree. The gate doesn't open till seven and it takes time to walk to the other side of the village I don't have the swipe unlike some people who can park right at the entrance! Auckland, what a rat race.