Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Temperatures have plummeted to below zero and I'm now wearing thermals to work. But today, hooray I have a day off and tomorrow, as well as Queen's Birthday (Happy Birthday to Her Majesty) to 'get some things done at home'. Which is code for gardening the church garden.

My to do list -

enlist trusty helper Les to help me with the triangle garden beside church doors
dig out cannas
plant with busy lizzies or hollyhocks
rearrange bushes and trees near day care fence
buy trees - 3X feijoas, olives, bottlebrush, kowhai, manuka
buy guaras - as many as I can for a fringe flower garden beside the church
somehow find room to plant mountain flax
plant spider plants as groundcover
contact tree guys about removing tree again
fill in roadside bed hollow

Now I must focus and not get distracted. I have been reading 'Plants of the Bible' and 'Planting a Bible Garden' as well as 'Inspirational Gardens of New Zealand'.  All very inspiring. I found a biblical themed wedding garden in Sumner called Gesthemane Gardens which has the Lords Prayer in clipped boxwood. What happened was some Russian sailors arrived in Lyttleton they were stranded because their captain refused to pay his crew. They were given food and support by the residents and in return they helped with the garden and even built a small chapel.

The income tax return can wait. If I get this done today, I can rest easy knowing we will have plants that flower for spring and trees for summer shade.  I just hope/pray Les is around and hasn't forgotten.