Friday, 9 March 2018

More gardens to visit

My bucket list overfloweth.

There are so many gardens I need to visit before I die.  Am I just checking them out for   potential burial sites? Hmm which one is the best to lay my weary bones? The other night I checked out Sissinghurst, well, on DVD. Sissinghurst is a castle garden extraordinaire. But it's all the way in merry olde Englande, Kent to be precise. I think that is a bit far to go, personally.

There are some a bit more closer to home. In' The Gardener's Garden' book which lists over a hundred different gardens from all over the world, six from New Zealand made the list -

Ayrlies, Whitford, Auckland.
Pukeiti Gardens, New Plymouth, Taranaki
Barewood Garden, Awatere Valley, Marlborough
Ohinetani, Lyttleton, Canterbury
Blair Garden near Queenstown
Larnach Castle, Dunedin

I have been to both Ayrlies and Larnach Castle Garden. I thought about maybe buying my own castle and creating a garden, like Sissinghurst but unfortunately, Larnach is the only castle in NZ and has already been bought. Apparently all the heirs ran away when the King of the Castle, Sir Larnach committed adultery and suicide. Bad luck...

I am hoping I will have the opportunity to visit some gardens in Taranaki this year. The New Zealand Gardens Trust is holding its conference there in April. So fingers crossed I may get to go. If so will get to see Pukeiti, Hollards Garden, Tupare, Te Kaingi Maire plus many others of five star National Siginificance as the whole place is like a garden.

Other gardens on the to visit list this year include -
Twin Lakes, Coatesville
Auckland Botanic Gardens, Manuwera
Fernglen, North Shore
Omai, near Matakana

My subscription to NZ Gardener is due. The magazine features a lot of amazing NZ gardens so might have to renew it for another two years. I still read all the back issues searching for gems and inspiration.

My coriander seeds have sprouted in the new corner bed and I have put in some pink chrysanthemums I won at the floral circle raffle, tweedia seeds, and marigolds amongst the plumbago and sweet corn. My pumpkin has decided to climb up the garage and is heading toward the washing line.

Mum says she wants the pumpkin to grow in my bed. Am thinking if mum makes any more smart comments like that she is very welcome to move into the nearest retirement village and wash her hands of any garden. I think she will be in her element because then she can complain all she wants. When the residents do that what we do is just put on our earmuffs (or ear defenders, as others call them) and mow the lawn. Sorry I can't hear you, am busy mowing the lawn since you can't/won't do it anymore.  What was that?!