Friday, 16 March 2018


I have decided to head to Kings today and bite the bullet and buy some plants for my garden.

I am going to buy

Purple sage
Lemon verbena

My garden needs some love and to fill in bare patches under the maple tree.. Hopefully mum won't notice that I'm putting in more plants. Bulbs will be my friend as you can't see them when you secretly put them in at first, and even if Martha flicks them out they can be replanted.

I have fed my lemon tree and cleared some growth away and mulched it with seaweed I picked up from the beach. I've moved some swan plants that are seeding around. Otherwise I haven't done too much this week and need to get cracking.

One thing I need to get on to is this church garden. I'm thinking I may have to give up the community garden and any meetings this year to work on it. Everytime I turn around it's like come have another meeting about it and I am exhausted. Personally am not a fan of meetings, because nothing gets done in them. One person (usually the loudest) tends to talk all the time and I am sitting there falling asleep or my tummy is growling.  This happened at the library too where I had the misfortune to work on Wednesdays when it was always meeting time in the mornings, everyone had to attend and it sometimes took two hours to have a meeting where nobody did anything but talked and I could have been reading books. You would think librarians would be talking about books they had read too but no it was usually about petty stuff like who had the key to the toilet and what we had to tell the customers (never readers - people who go the library are apparently customers) or Health and Safety regulations.
 I want meetings to be 15 minutes - 30 minutes tops. I mean can't we just all have lunch or dinner together and talk over any stuff then. Or you could have silent meetings like the Quakers did and just let God speak for once.

They say you meant to keep minutes of the meetings so why do they always take hours? I propose we take seconds instead of minutes. I once worked in the council archives and there were boxes and boxes of council meeting minutes on retractable shelves. It was the most boring job ever and hardly anybody ever looked at the minutes of these meetings that were kept for years and years, taking up entire rooms of council buildings. We also had to keep all the  records of all the transactions at the library in case one auditor came along and could check to see whether our till did not balance. I never saw this auditor person but if he or she wants all the receipts and till rolls from ten years ago well they are welcome to store them in their own house.

At work they have some gardening archives and while it was kind of interesting to see what they did or planned in the past they had ten different gardeners come and go and everytime they came they changed something anyway. But what matters is now. Can't they just write a blog?

The good thing about being a solo gardener is you can just not have any meetings at all and just get on with stuff. Also it means when you do something in secret when spring comes everyone will be presently surprised. I don't think anyone will care that you planned to have 62 daffodils in that clump and how much it all cost and had a meeting about it. I suppose some people are bean counters but that has never been my style.  God knows every hair on my head that's good I don't need to count them myself because the results speak for themselves.