Saturday, 25 November 2017

Hallelujah! Inspired permie graduates

Wow, had my permaculture graduation yesterday in which a dozen of us presented our design projects. All unique and inspiring..would like to share here (and sorry I'm not so good at remembering names, so if I got yours wrong please let me know) but a little of what we're learning and applying includes...

Fermenting cabbages and foraging wild plants to make Wild Kraut and selling it at local Farmer's markets. -Kelli-Jo

Designing and using a composing toilet (which I have dubbed 'the Compooster'). -Elaine

Living with others in a tiny home community and making the best use of suburban space including a driveway to park caravan on and sleepouts, having everyone in this family involved in the design process. -Zoe

Living a sustainable life in work and play including talking to cafe businesses about recycling and composting. - Natalie

Practising the art of frugal hedonism by NOT going to the mall and mindlessly spending and consuming. And then showing others in your household the way to reduce and minimise waste. - Louisa

Creating a vlog and documenting a permaculture journey because you can't afford to live in Auckland. Going back to your roots and having a lot of fun learning from others about DIY Kai. -Kim

Installing a permaculture garden on a rental property...then encouraging the landlord to rent this out to other permaculture novices needing a place to stay in Auckland. - Gloria and Nikolaj

What to do with the family dairy farm? Or nan's angora goat farm? If its outside of Auckland, and if its 25 hectares? Host a whole lot of permies from Auckland on tiny homes and shepherd huts? Turn it into orchards?  It's open to suggestion and exploring various options.  - Bernie and Bridget

Creating a sustainable street and planting up front yards and berms. Holding ladies nights where the permaculture message will spread (and blokes as well). - Monique

Moving on to a organic garden property (again outside of Auckland) that's already been established, and looking for ways to improve on what's already started.  -Gemma

Holding organic garden workshops by koha in community gardens - teaching and passing on skills that we've acquired. -Barbara

Congrats to all permies who presented - we are a busy bunch.

Will keep everyone posted about the church permablitz. I am planning to hold a mini working bee again at some stage to do the shady corner bed of the church and front island and then carry on in stages. I just need to apply for some funding and had lots of volunteers wanting to obtain a yield flowers and joy. I am actually off to church today and will share the (refined) vision with more church members. I am hoping Annette might like some bananas by the church but I don't know where to find them. I was kind of worried that some were saying they were going to use the money to expand the building to incorporate a ten storey carpark. Ok exaggeration but what would you rather have more cars or bananas.

Poor Graeme one of the elders has been unwell lately he was in and out of hospital, I did warn him about the dangers of Roundup. When he said a few months ago he was going to spray the weeds, I was concerned but he was determined. 'Oh will just spray it with Roundup, that will get rid of the weeds, she'll be right. ' I do hope that it was not this toxic activity that landed him there. Nobody should be touching that stuff but people still insist on gardening this way. So permies I may need your help because I don't want anyone to die from thinking they have to poison weeds to make a garden.