Friday, 27 October 2017

Wet wet wet

Today is a scheduled working bee for putting up the fence at Woodside but looking out the window I don't think it will happen this morning.
Labour Day was also a drizzle fest and I'm sad to say I didn't make it to the kumara workshop either, despite telling my friends "You should go!" The problem with rain is, unlike in Australia where it's probably very welcome and everyone goes out dancing and shouting Hallelujah when it does rain, in New Zealand, or rather, in Auckland, we can't dance as we will be slipping over in the mud. Gardeners are not welcome when they come inside with muddy boots and rain sloshing everywhere. I feel like a pariah, with my dirty fingernails, clothes smeared with mud, twigs and leaves in my hair, and grass clippings in the cuffs of my pants.
The trendy concept of tiny homes or shepherd huts is possibly an offshoot of gardening potting sheds or, as Lynda Hallinan terms them 'She Sheds', to distinguish the girly from the Bloke's Shed or mancave where, women are apparently not allowed to venture. I was looking at setting one up but of course mum doesn't allow it. And we don't have a big enough tree for a tree house, as mum cut them all down. It is for rainy days like these where, I inevitably go nuts from being in the same roof space as a contentious woman. Or maybe I am the contentious woman. I tried to figure out why I was single as my co-worker asked me on the first day of the job with him 'Why are you single?'. I just said I didn't know. Is that an answer?

Now I have had time to think about it it's because I am a messy person (or in kinder terms 'creative') and nobody wants to live or put up with me.
Also whenever anyone rings me nobody likes it when I'm out in the garden and have to come to the phone, because I don't take my phone with me into the garden, of course. What do you need a phone for? Only if you want people bugging you.
But maybe the real reason is, they just might have my mother for a mother-in-law and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. could be worse...I could have a mother-in-law that might out mother my mother.
So there's some very legitimate reasons, although one of my married friends said I will probably die alone and have nothing, like her brothers that never married or left home but, the married people I know all their children left home and their spouse died so its pretty much of a muchness.  Maybe they will be left with a big ol empty nest of a house and can move into a retirement village with all the rest of everyone in the same boat so I don't really see the difference as children and grand children are not allowed to stay in the retirement village anyway, am still trying to figure out if the children sent their parents there cos they were naughty or whether they chose to live there and sold the family home and sent the children away cos the children were naughty. I'm pretty sure that's where our homeless population came from, all these broken homes from people who just can't bear to live with each other anymore.

In any case if worse comes to worse I do have an investment home up in Heaven anyway that I've been promised plus gardens galore where there are no weeds, so, that's where I will be when I'm put out to pasture. And there is no rain and no mud. Thank you Jesus.

Hmm still raining. Well with all this mud and clay I could go make some pots if I had a potting shed and a kiln. And then I can garden indoors with my pots. If that isn't going potty then I don't know what is. Might just go read November issue of NZ Gardener since there's only 4 more days of October and I will have a head start. Yesterday my boss told me off for doing the indoor pots instead of mowing the lawn while he swanned off to Ayrlies without me. But it was raining!