Friday, 6 October 2017

The Promised Land

I have just been told I could win $500 if I enter the Yates Vege Growing challenge. I would rather win plants or a bit of land, but I suppose $500 could buy lots of plants and a trailerload of soil.
The deal is to grow some veges and monitor their progress, blogging at least three times a month. I could do that, I think. But we do that anyway at Woodside. So you can read about stuff that happens here. I have requested this season we grow more kumara. However Yates does not sell kumara as they are a tuber not a seed so am not sure if growing kumara would qualify.

I have been thinking lately, I would one day like to build my own house, with my own garden but need some land first. Where can I do this? I have decided I don't want to live in a cookie cutter home that someone else has made and abandoned, and possibly selling to make a profit or 'get rid of it'. Nor do I want to live in a factory farm for humans i.e an apartment block. Would you like to buy a broken home? We've subdivided it into 400 pieces. You just have to spend the rest of your lifetime putting it all back together again. Um no thanks.

It seems Auckland is full. Even the church's own land which was taken away for Auckland Transport roadworks has disappointingly said they are going to use the remaining land for expanding the church building, which I think personally is a horrendous idea. We don't need a bigger building, we need a garden. Otherwise why not just build tower of babel parking lot there and squash more people in? Then charge rent. What, no outdoor weddings? How can His face shine upon you when you stuck inside a windowless church building? I had just realised that many churches these days do not have windows so you go into a dark bunker thing that for all anybody knows could house a nightclub, complete with flashing lights and smoke machine. That's if the wolves get their way and turn our churches into lairs and dens of iniquity.

So I have revised my garden plan. We are just going to have olive trees, hibiscus, gardenias and bird of paradise, and there is going to be NO lawn I have also abandoned the sheep idea, and decided we are going to go with the flow and have Moses in the basket or Wandering Jew (tradescantia) to grow over everything, for that lush, garden of Eden effect. Nobody can stop tradescantia. It can cross the Red Sea if it has to get to the Promised Land.  It will be a teaching plant - if anyone asks what it is, I will just say this plant is to remind the Mayor of Auckland and the council officials to let my people go --- to church.