Monday, 24 July 2017

The Artist's Garden

If you like Claude Monet, then you may like this movie about his influence on American impressionist painters who were inspired by his lifestyle of painting his garden at Giverny, France. There was a whole colony of them in Boston and they would go on garden retreats and hang round and just paint the garden. This was in the days before colour photography was readily available.

Although it's a lot of talking and looking at gallery paintings and not enough describing the plants and gardening and how you too can have an artist's garden if you have the vision I would say aside from all the history and analysis, the paintings themselves are absolutely beautiful. This one is called Crimson Rambler by Philip Leslie Hale.

This has inspired me to paint my manuka and kowhai that is climbing up the verandah with the muehlenbeckia. I will have to ask the lady of the house (Mummy Cat) to pose for that one. I did paint one earlier but did not include any rambler as back then I wasn't a gardener. I just call this one 'Fluffy'.

Isn't she beautiful? Wrow!