Thursday, 20 July 2017

If money grew on trees

If money was no object for my garden, well, I don't know, would I pay someone else to do it?
I'm really not sure because I can get plants free, and the plants that are super expensive probably won't do well in my garden anyway. I don't think you need money for a garden, because, even if you bought everything you would still need time to plant, I think I may pass on this question NZ Gardener.

However if you did decide to give me say $10,000 I would probably go on one of those gardening tours all around the world, thank you. That would be where the money goes, and maybe for some timber for the Woodside raised garden beds, because two still need to be done, even though Mitre 10 gave us free timber, Nicole didn't include two of them in her quote, and they are falling apart. And I don't think we are allowed to chop up any trees in the reserve to make raised beds.

Anyway I would invite all my gardening friends to come with me. But good news, of a sort, even though it's tentative, I may be going on two garden rambles. One is to Matakana with the Te Atatu Floral and Garden circle, and the other might a work trip  to Taranaki, to the Powerco Garden Spectacular. I'm not sure why they call it the 'Powerco' Garden Spectacular you'd think it would be the 'Flowerco' Garden Spectacular but then they seem to do things different at the 'Naki, like export  their petroleum overseas, while we Aucklanders import petrol from some other country which contributes to even more global warming.

That aside, I am really looking forward to those two trips, and maybe if I save enough money I will get all the way to the UK and see for myself - Highgrove, Lost Gardens of Heligan, Sissinghurst, Hidcote Manor, Bodnant Green, Powys Castle, Grand Dixter, Beth Chatto's Gardens, Helen Dillon's Garden, Chelsea Physic Garden, Kew Botanic Garden and my sister's London windowsill garden.

My sister says her landlord put in buxus, which died, and so they replaced it with another buxus. Which will also probably die. I am thinking her landlords are not very imaginative gardeners. If it were me I would have ivy and roses climbing all over the flats walls and dichondra hanging off the windowsill plus pansies. So I will have to go over there and convince her landlords to at least put some tulips in pots by the front door. I mean dying buxus on a windowsill? Come on.