Monday, 22 August 2016

New Additions

More planting frenzy...some new plants on the block (NPOTB) are..

Native fuchsia in a pot
Paper Daisy in a hanging basket
More Parsley
Welsh bunching onions
Spring Onions

I think that will do for now as running out of planting spots for everything. I did go up to Palmers Planet the other day but bought nothing, all the plants looked a bit sad and it seemed like it isn't really worth going all that way anymore, when Kings has a better selection (and can be cheaper). I notice that, when heading to Kings, more people go there for lunch than actually browse the plants. It seems to be the 'in' place to go, but I don't lunch there unless I'm with someone. I'd rather spend my money on plants. I once invited a friend up to Palmers at their Botanica cafe and ordered kale chips, which were nice, but pricy. But she was so bored as I went round the garden centre exclaiming over all the plants, that I decided maybe she wasn't such a good friend to go with.

Some people are plants people and some just don't know the difference between a plant and a weed. Or the weed is something they don't know the use for. But I have learned to not mention my gardening to people who aren't plants people as they just don't understand. I think they have visions of me weeding their plots for them when they can't be bothered.

I have also noticed people who aren't book people also don't have a clue. Books, aren't they boring! All they can think of is getting rid of them so they can chat on their phones. They will never understand the difference between a good book and a bad one.  Or a mouldy one that could give you asthma and a fresh clean one. I have tried educating them on where you can find good books but some people are set in their ways and just not interested.  I used to hear people boast 'I have not actually read a book in years' and they are proud of the fact that their literary appreciation only extends to advertising laden magazines.