Monday, 15 August 2016

Ajugas in

Bought three ajugas at $8 each. Ok they were a dollar cheaper at Kings Plant Barn at St Lukes as I was on my way from Mt Eden so I thought I would drop in and see what they had that was different from the Henderson branch.

I also picked up three 'Heaven's Breath' Sunset Gold to plant in our church garden bed. It had one lone Lavender Joy amidst a ring of echeverias and was looking rather sad after the gazanias had died down (or killed by frost) and our pansies did not last long.  If they do their thing then we can have permanent heavenly breath wafting to the entrance of the church as they are hardy shrubs which some people say are unkillable. They also say that about Nandina firepower, also a good church burning bush.

That leaves what to do with the hanging baskets as the marigolds, pansies and strawberries look past their best. I have considered those dangling succulents which won't need much water. If I can find enough to fill three baskets. Although petunias are always good value but its a bit early for them.

I was very tempted to buy another fuschia as my two fuschias had given up the ghost. I saw a native fuschia that I could plant if I move the rhubarb somewhere else. There were also white magic hellebores but I don't know..I kind of like the pinky spotted ones. It is a pity they were so expensive even at 15% off and I had run out of money.

After my shopping trip I planted the ajugas and hopefully they will spread and stop the tide of creepy buttercups from invading.
I finished watching 4 hours of City Gardener and wondered why Brits don't have washing lines in their backyards. How do they dry their clothes? I thought I could have a designer garden too but what about the washing line, and where would I put my herbs and veges?  Also what about the chickens?
And now I have lighting and garden furnishings to think about because we can't have parties at night without some sort of lighting, and where are the men going to put their beers?

Dad has now taken to mopping up the freshly painted deck everytime after I go out as there are muddy footprints all over it. We are supposed to take off our gumboots and walk on it with socks.
Theres one thing I haven't seen yet on those tv garden shows...a mud garden. Does anything grow in mud? I have considered putting stepping stones catwalks and planks across the lawn so it looks like something out of krypton factor.  There will be a sign saying 'Keep off the mud, I mean lawn'.
The problem is with those tv gardens they make it look real easy that you can have a brand new garden in just a week. But they never factor in things like --disapproving parents, rainy days, mondays, unyielding clay soil and washing lines.