Wednesday, 16 March 2016


I had never encountered another gardener saying I wasn't allowed to look at their garden because of weeds growing there, but I can now say I have.
What price perfection? It looked pretty good to me, but she barred me from viewing up close. I said it didn't matter, but she said it does. I nearly offered to remove my glasses so that it would all be a blur but she quickly changed the subject.

Can gardening become obsessive? Well, to be fair, my fellow gardener had been out of action for a week due to ill health, but I hadn't let that stop others wanting to view mine and commenting on my weeds.
Well, I wouldn't have noticed. Maybe others would have pointed out every weed on the plot but I would have just assumed it was naturally designed that way. I was disappointed, because she was the only gardener I knew that had a working water feature, and I could hear it trickling away as I sat in her living room.

Maybe she wants three months notice like we gave Bev McConnell. I could always give a donation to the Salvation Army and say, I'm going to look anyway.

In other news, I have just potted up the begonias Beth gave me as well as a spotty dumb cane. There's also two nikau palms I am going to plant by the deck that were on Easter sale. And I have managed to glean some seaweed off the beach and it is now mulching my ferns.
Jacqui notified me that, shock horror, the arch the gourds were climbing had been destroyed. Apparently some kids had used it as a monkey bar and it broke. Sigh. I knew those banana palms were going to attract monkeys.