Sunday, 6 March 2016


The peach tree has now been pruned. Sad to say Te Radar didn't show up and there aren't any more peaches left on the tree. So if he does drop by I have to say sorry, you missed out.

He could come to tai ch'i instead though. Its on every Sunday at 8am at Woodside. I just had a late night on Saturday and couldn't make it, but next week I endeavour to show up with my ipad and take a video.

Now we don't have to appear on tv we can just be on you-tube. I could also film my garden. My production values may be slightly lower and my supporting cast consisting of Mary, Martha and Mummy Cat who don't get paid any kind of acting wages, but hey, they would be advertising my garden! The name of my show would I have to think about that one later. Not quite Ferndale as I think you'd need at least half a dozen pongas to qualify. I only have two.

I helped Joanne harvested apples from her apple tree - gala apples. I do not have any on my columnar tree, it may have fruited but the fruits were not very big so maybe I will leave it another year.

Other harvests include passionfruit ( a few, very tasty), grapes, capiscums, tomatoes, and sunflowers. My poor friends dog died last weekend so I gave her  a bunch. Her dog was named Daisy. RIP Daisy.

I was given a whole sack of Garden Design books by a lady in my bible study which I am going to read later. My course starts in a weeks time. I can't wait!

Perhaps one day I may be garden designer extraordinaire and give Xanthe White a run for her money.  People are already asking me advice on their gardens. Well, I can tell you now is the perfect time to plant cabbages.