Friday, 7 February 2020

Garden Nanny

Mum would be happy as all last month I haven't done any planting. Aside from watering the garden,  and gathering flowers to dry, I have hardly done anything at all.

There are no new plants added and everything just looks the same only growing where it ought to be. Except the lemon tree. I think it's on last legs. I don't know if it will survive. Sorry lemon. Mum wanted you to be planted there but it seems like a dead spot where nothing grows. I suspect it may have something to do with Mary's grave.

However, my echinacea has survived and may even flower soon. Hooray.
It's back to school time so I am taking my hanging spider plants back to the library. Also the peace lily but I don't know about the parlour palm yet. It was looking a bit worse for wear so I cut it back and has grown some new fronds, but I'm not sure it will handle the onslaught of children yet.
Hoya seemed happy growing on the tallest shelf. I hadn't watered it in about 4 weeks.

I have started a new job at PaperPlus to earn some extra income since support staff are not paid during the school holidays (and also cos I love books) so I have had to give up the community garden this year. As this will be on Saturday mornings. Yes yes I know everyone wants me to live at their place and do all their hard work for them and garden and do all their sewing, cooking and pick them up and bake cookies and basically just BE THEIR MAID  cos they don't have the time but sorry. No.

I'm not moving anywhere, and I'm not gardening anyone else's place when my own plants cry out for attention.  The money is going to go toward Garden Planet anyway so it will be win-win for everyone who lives on the planet who listens to the show so they can be empowered to do their own gardening. Right?

One thing I did do was drop into Myra's new place at the retirement village where Louise is growing heirloom tomatoes for her. Both seemed happy with that arrangement but personally I am not sure I can handle oldies again. I don't know if she's forgiven me for her disappearing flower bulbs of which I have no idea where they would be. So I was a little wary, I guess its like parents who have children and when they turn 5 they just send them off to school  and don't have to be parents anymore from 9 till 3 and us poor teachers and librarians are then lumped with the task of needing to look after them for 6 hours every day...when they are most active. 

I am very tempted to say if you are going to have a garden (or children) you need to make sure you are going to look after them or just do what you are able to do and not rope in anyone else. Cos once you've done that you've handed it over and they are not really yours anymore. Because what happens is you will fall in love with the garden or the children you are looking after and you will never want to let them go.