Saturday, 11 January 2020

Bad news

I hate being bearer of bad news, but Woodside Garden is decimated. Somebody tipped roundup into the bathtub water, and all the plants that got watered after that died. Also our arch broke in two. We suspect evil monkeys.

Our garden is dead :-(

Except for the asparagus, that's still alive. And the ice plant. And the comfrey and maybe the sunflowers might have a chance. And my tamarillo. But everything else seemed to get the weedkiller treatment. Note to people, weedkillers do not just kill the weeds. If it gets on other plants, they will kill those plants as well.

I am fearful for our fruit trees.

I am between naps at the moment but have only been doing sporadic gardening. Karyn's place got a little makeover (roses pruned) and my purple kale got stripped because the bugs were eating the kale leaves. I didn't fancy eating already bug eaten kale leaves, so I figured if I can't eat them, the kale is not going to have them either.

Other than that I have a few jobs to do over summer-
Collect seaweed from the beach for mulch.
Plan Garden Planet for this year (I'm hoping to find a sponsor)
Read up on my huge pile of NZ Gardener magazines

I think one big major thing to do is to lobby the govt to ban weedkillers, especially Roundup. I have seen it used in schools, near creeks, beside playgrounds, because people are just too IRRESPONSIBLE to mulch and to garden properly. It is highly toxic and if you breathe it in or it gets on bare skin, sooner or later you will die from exposure or get cancer. I'm really mad and sad about it.

I am tired of having to live in a world where people just have absolutely no respect for the environment and where you can buy chemicals to kill plants. Sorry. I told you this was bad news.