Friday, 4 October 2019

Spring Fever

Was so busy spring cleaning the past few days that holidays are now upon me and I don't want to leave home. But since hotel is booked, I actually have to make myself go.
Rotorua, here I come. I may get to see your gardens this time!

Ellen kindly dug up some banana pups for me and they are now going to be planted with the other bananas at Woodside. She also gave me a sugar cane which I am thinking would make a nice hedge at home. Ellen's recommended 'Compost Queen' Bex to have a chat on Garden Planet so, we're going to have a super composting session next week. Bex showed me the Pt Chev community garden's snazzy new compost bins, which retail for over $2000 but...will last 10 years longer than their homemade ones out of pallets.

Speaking of home made. I have created a new corner bed by digging out some buxus and putting in all my non leafy ferns in hopes they will sprout again in the furtherest corner from the house. That meant I had to reshuffle my plants again, so it was like dominos, once I move one, all the rest need to follow suit.

The buxus I placed in a pot and topiaried it to a lollipop shape. Plants had to come out of that pot so I rearranged all the pots. Nandina and geraniums are now in new pots. Nerines are hidden away out of sight now their leaves are yellowing. Spider plants all came out of Sock's bed,  as they were getting too much sun into the flaming bed. They were replaced by renga lilies, which were getting munched by snails but now they are in a drier spot I expect them to not be so devastated.

Boronias all went in to the bed by my bedroom and out came all the aloes which were getting fried in direct sun. I've potted a few up but have way too many.

To do - find another hessian coffee sack for my wall planters, find more pots for my spider plants or create some kind of hanging web arrangement, or maybe make a spider plant border by the deck. 
I wonder if Rose the school gardener would like more spider plants or if I can get away with more in the library...I can't get rid of them any other way, nobody at the Floral Circle were the slightest bit interested when I bought them in for the trade table. That's the thing, if you've got too much of one thing, everyone else seems to have it as well. Both church gardens have them...and they aren't edible so Woodside don't want them. I'm eyeing up Planet FM studios. Maybe Terri could do with some??

Won't hurt to ask.