Thursday, 4 July 2019

er...what is codswallop?

I can't believe it's halfway through the year and now into July. We finally had rain after several days of frosty mornings and Mum and Dad have returned from the other side of the world. Dad is now pleased he can mow less lawn and Mum just looked at my new garden bed, I didn't hear much comment but at least she didn't call my companion planting 'Codswallop' which was what someone said on a Facebook gardening group. I don't really know what 'codswallop' is but I don't think it's anything nice..or respectful.
If they had listened to the broadcast they might have learned that companion planting has scientific basis and it's not just hearsay.

Now when someone just offers their not very respectful opinion on something they don't even bother to hear out or listen to I have to stop automatically thinking I have to rush and defend myself or the entire Garden Planet. Karyn says I just need to respect their opinion but how can I when they are not being respectful themselves? Or ignore it...or just not post anything on Facebook anymore.

I learned the hard way that when people don't want to listen they will say rude things and try to drown you out in an attempt to shut you up. When you try to reason with them they don't listen and think that what they say is more important and they will say it louder and treat you with contempt.
Even church people do this which I think is totally unacceptable that when you have something to say it is dismissed because people just don't want to hear you out. But then I have to think well it is their loss and to shake the dust off my feet and move on as a sign against them.

It is a waste of energy and time to rail against anything you don't like, because what is the point? You say you don't like X. Well yes ok maybe YOU don't like X what has that got to do with anything? How does your saying you don't like X make a difference, when all you have to do is just politely ignore X and let the people who like X enjoy what X has to offer.
If I commented on every single thing I didn't like on Facebook I would have no life because all I would be doing is scrolling on Facebook making negative comments all the time. Anyway...

Maybe some people just don't have manners. I spent a whole term teaching children how to have manners in the library. It's a bit exhausting. I think they are finally learning that its good to be quiet in the library and to read a book. I can't believe that some children complain to me they are bored when there's over 13, 399 books to read. Including such titles as 'Why is Snot Green?' and 'I Need a New Bum'.

Hooray for school holidays. I haven't got that much to do in the garden now I've done the prep and planted my cabbages, purple sage, kale and catmint but now I need to catch up on all the study I've missed. Oh and all the books I have to read, including gardening ones. I've got the Meaning of Trees by Peter Vennell to read. So if I'm not being very social (please stop inviting me to midwinter things..!) it's because I need my hibernation time. Also, I need to find out why is snot green. Does it contain chlorophyll?