Thursday, 4 October 2018

Time flies

Time flies when you are not working.
I decide one day to read an entire book in one go. This is how come I know so much about the Kennedys, who are not even remotely related to me. Former First Lady Michelle Obama planted a kitchen garden, but in the Kennedy garden, they had roses and glitzy cocktail state functions, and they also had burial grounds, with eternal flames and what Americans call pot plants, which John Jr smoked.  The secret servant agents would hide in the bushes trying to stop paparazzi from taking photos of the famous Kennedys, or being shot, but they weren't always successful. Caroline Kennedy co-wrote a book called 'The Right to Privacy' but I'm not sure she was referring to any gardens.

I suppose if you do want to be seen on tv motorcades then its not exactly conducive to gardening, and if you are wealthy you just pay someone else to do it while you jet set off to India, Kenya, Pakistan, Paris, Skorpios, Aspen, Martha's Vineyard or where ever takes your fancy. While I was reading this, my garden grew.

Everything is blooming, I checked at Woodside and my ajugas are all flowering under the figs, making a pretty picture and bringing in the bees.
I sowed six giant Flowerzilla sunflowers in the vege beds.
St Giles church garden got a weed and tidy, I was sad over my broken heart - the heart shaped planter literally broke so I ended up composting the polyanthus and having to rethink the Jesus rock bed.
Then came home and did some new planting here and there.

New arrivals include Pieris 'Temple bells', another lavender, a purple grape 'Schuyler', penstemons, cosmos, parsley, and in big pots, 2 capsicums, an eggplant, and one watermelon.

I looked at job ads and was pretty dispirited to learn that there was not much out there in Gardenland. My most favourite job, I already have, its just...well you know. Its not always roses. Actually when its all roses I wouldn't enjoy it anyway because roses are such a pain. I tried not to think about it, but then I thought about it, and please let me know if this is right or wrong. Should you spray chemical insecticide indoors without gloves and a mask or proper ventilation? So what if its says 'natural' and then you read the back and it says 'do not get on bare skin, has a one day withholding period, harmful to bees and aquatic life, if swallowed contact the poisons centre, do not inhale mist'. Apparently it could be 1% natural pyrethin and 99% chemical and still be marketed as natural in a green eco-friendly (not) can of spray.
I considered this and thought health and safety. My boss then said well what do you do at home? I said I never use sprays I use a fly swat. And venus fly traps.

We could employ some beneficial spiders. Or if he's that concerned about appearances, use plastic plants. I'm not putting me or the oldies at risk spraying their plants that could poison the bugs AND the oldies. So I have come close to quitting, as I don't believe in compromising but then I have to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. Please let it not be another job that calls me to  Keep Up Appearances. I feel like I am catering to soul-less people like Hyacinth Bucket which is why I am totally refusing to judge any flower shows.