Friday, 14 September 2018

Spring to life

Spring...calls for new list of things to do.

Such as sow and plant more veges - beans and silverbeet, potatoes, eggplants, capsicums

Sow coromandel lilies

Check out Taranaki Garden Festival programme, coming next month

Consider shrubs for hedging my garden - lorapetalum is a contender

Plan my Waiheke weekend - I found out that you can visit  'Sacred Blessing Sanctuary Garden' for just $180. I'm like what, does that include accomodation and food, or just to visit the garden? Apparently high tea and  nibbles is included and you can go there for two hours, while the head gardener gives you a guided tour. I don't know if a massage is thrown in or you can swim in the pond or something. And here I was thinking Ayrlies was expensive. Maybe it includes the ferry ride?

Continue on with my Primary ITO homework, including taking press cuttings and identifying over 30 different amenity plants.

Follow up church garden, now the old tree is removed

Clip and shape buxus hedges

Look for a pot for Best Begonia in a pot competition

Enjoy the sunshine, forget me nots and bluebells.