Friday, 29 June 2018

Mission somewhat accomplished

Despite having a cold the winter sun beckoned and I did some more planting at church.
Seedlings had sprouted in the flowerbed, I wasn't sure if they were weeds or flower seeds so I let them be, but added more christmas lilies.
I planted the bird of paradise and the poor knights lily at the entrance. Margaret had labelled my ginger a weed but it's the ginger lily not the wild ginger, and I wondered if maybe I ought to remove it, and put in cannas instead.

I scouted out a potential spot for the two protea and leucodendron. I want to plant them but I have fears the mower will mow them. Or they will be pulled out. What to do. Last time I enlisted help for planting hydrangeas, the church member bailed on me. They were the only ones left at the garden centre and if they get taken I can't buy anymore. They are sitting in my car, crying 'plant me' unless I wait until Tuesday...I will be busy Monday on another job. Sunday I am having a day of complete rest.

At home the frost has hit and several of my frost tender plants are looking wilted - the balsam, the nasturtium and the yacon. I turn the heater on in my room and rug up, reading my piles of gardening books rescued from St John's op shop. My bookshelves have been entirely taken over with gardening books - The Perennial Gardening Designer Primer, Reader's Digest Guide to Houseplants, Lasagna Gardening, Gordon Collier's Titoki Point, NZ Gardener Diary 2018 are amongst the newest acquisitions.

I am going to have a hot bath in epsoms salts and then have some soup and then go to bed.
I feel worn out. I wonder if its less work having children than having a garden. By all accounts, you don't need to study for it or pass any exams, the only requirement is to look pretty, and offer your body up - but mother deliberately shielded me from the messy side of life. She wanted me to have an education, not children, after coming from an overcrowded family of eight so here I am. I will just tell people I'm a late developer and will have the miracle baby when I'm 80. After my garden is planted of course.