Friday, 20 April 2018

Church garden day!

Ok must get up to St Giles and get this garden sorted. It is the shady side of the church full of overgrown camellias, griselinias, cast iron plants, pseudopananax, cordylines, day lillies, and now clivia that need to be planted.

I need to plant a hoya and get some hibiscus, hydrangeas and rose cuttings started. (Not sure about them roses, actually) . Each time I go to work and we need to remove or cut back plants and then put them into green waste I think oh no that could make a good cutting, if only I had the time and space to grow them. But we are so busy maintaining that it just gets thrown out. Ack.

Thankfully I don't need to mow lawns or trim hedges that's the last thing I want to do on a peaceful Saturday morning. After a headache inducing day yesterday of weed eating, mowing and blowing for three hours straight, I'd had enough and decided I wasn't going to do anymore power tools. My boss came and found me quietly deadheading hydrangeas. I'm sorry I have a headache, I explained. The earmuffs weren't helping. Well, he was going to have his way and said I needed to have earplugs instead. Safe gardening right? Actually I was going to suggest either abstainence or we get electric tools instead of noisy gas ones.

Possibly earplugs are a brilliant small and slow solution, but I seem to be going deaf and numb from it all. I don't want to be slave to a lawn but it seems like that is what I've become and I'm really tired of it. Sometimes we aren't even mowing grass but weeds and rubbish. Oh and picking up dead leaves...I am quite certain Adam and Eve never had to do that before the fall.

So anyway that is what I will be doing this Saturday so don't just drive past and yell that I'm doing a good job why not lend a hand and help me get this church garden sorted. You won't be doing it on your own after all you have wonderful yours truly to talk to and possibly even have a cup of tea afterward.

Remember your job description - Keep New Zealand Beautiful.