Friday, 4 August 2017

The neglected churchyard

I'm sorry church garden have been neglecting you. I went round to the Baptist church last night and pulled out a bucketful of weeds from the begonia bed. The polys are doing great though. I'm hoping St Giles has survived the frost but I'm not so sure about those ginger lilies, attempting to grow through the weedmat, whether anyone's used the garden as an ashtray, or taken all the pots.

But maybe I'm not the only one gardening there? There could be anonymous garden angels going round all the church yards planting and snipping here and there. I want to grow climbing roses over st Giles. I've decided. It will have to be a highly perfumed coloured rose, but I'm not sure how roses clamber over walls with no support or tying in. All the gardening books say you need to install little hooks and wires so they will stick to the wall. Hmm.

Last week was a week of pruning roses and I am done for. I also learned the names of many varieties of roses. Like - Iceberg, Graham Thomas, Remember Me, Blackberry Nip, Elina, Love Me Do, Margaret Merril. There are dozens of roses at Waitakere Gardens, people donate roses to their rose garden and they each have a little plaque from the donor. We planted 'Remember Me' for a widow last Thursday.

My supervisor had to go to two funerals in the past two weeks, so I said to him NO MORE FUNERALS. We talk about death a lot. Well he talks about death, I just listen. I am really glad nobody is tipping their ashes in the rose garden, cos that would be a bit creepy. I am fine with burial, just not cremation. It is because it reminds me of powdery blood and bone that we use to feed the roses, one puff of wind and your loved one will just literally blow away as dust. I never want to go to another funeral where they've decided they'd rather burn the body. I just find it very disturbing. How can they rest in peace when they are ground to a million pieces?

You may or may not believe, but if you had the hope of heaven you would not even consider it. I think some people treat their pets better than humans, they bury them, but humans get incinerated in an oven. That's just wrong!

So I am attempting to right some of this wrong by burying lots of seeds in the ground to demonstrate to anyone that all of creation groans for a new birth and even though we die, we shall live because that's what Jesus did.